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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment options?

Eminent Australia offers Stripe, Apple Pay, and Google Pay via our website as our secure and trusted payment systems. Your payments are set up to be direct debited every 30 days unless you cancel your membership. If you are buying a one-off individual entries membership payment will be taken once when you place your order.

What happens when I win?

Prizes will be delivered to the Winners at their nominated address and transferred to the Winner in the manner determined by the Promoter, within 30 days of confirmation of the Winner’s eligibility or within such time frame as otherwise agreed between the Promoter and the Winner.

Is this a scam?

No, Eminent Australia is most definitely not a scam. We are a registered company with the Australian Government. Our ABN number is 72 655 652 618 and we have legally approved permit numbers for all our promotions. You can find these permit numbers in our specific terms and conditions for each promotion.

Is this a charity?

No, Eminent Australia is not a charity. We do however donate a portion of our profit to our charity partner Fund My Challenge as part of our Giving Back To The Community Initiative. Eminent Australia donates funds to Fund My Challenge upon our terms, if you are interested in finding out more you can contact Fund My Challenge for more information.

Who can enter?

You must be 18 or over to enter. Our draws are valid to all Australian states, excluding South Australia.

Is the VIP membership payment automatic?

Yes, your payment will be automatically debited from your card every 30 days, via our payment methods. You will receive a confirmation email every time your payment is received with a copy of your receipt.

How do the accumulated entries work?

As an Eminent Australia VIP member, this means the entries that you have purchased accumulate every month you are a member. For example, for a Prestige member, $49.99 gives you 5 entries. So, in the first month, you will receive 5 entries in that month’s draw. The following month after your second payment, you will have 10 entries in every draw for that month. The following month after your third payment, you will have 15 entries in every draw that month and so on.

How do I receive my entries?

Entries for all Valid orders and membership giveaways can be located in your personal members portal My Account via the Eminent Australia website.

How are winners selected?

Each draw is done via Random Draws , which is a government approved system. As our giveaways open and close at midnight; at the end of the draw, we download a CSV file of all entries by date range. This file is uploaded to Random Draws, and at the programmed live draw time, the Random Draws system randomly selects the winner/s. We publish the Certificate of Random Draw on each past winners page.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your VIP subscription at anytime. Please be aware you could be missing out on the winning ticket for the following month’s giveaway! Please send us an email at or give us a call on 1300 YOU WIN.

Warning: Please be certain before cancelling as your accumulated entries will be reset to zero and you will be removed from all upcoming draws.

How does handover of a vehicle giveaway work?

When you win one of our vehicle giveaways, we will deliver the vehicle to the winner’s nominated address. Upon handover of the vehicle, the winner will receive all relevant documentation (i.e. proof of registration, proof of unencumbered title, proof of safety certificate, etc.), as per our terms and conditions. The winner will also receive the full set of keys and logbook.

How are prizes valuated?

A vehicle purchased from a dealer is approved by Government bodies for the purchase price shown on the Invoice. Any privately purchased vehicle undergoes an independent valuation for Government approval.

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