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Limited Ducati Panigale V2

What is going on guys it’s Jack here from Eminent Australia and today I’m going to be showing you this absolute beast of a bike – this is our Ducati Panigale V2 first championship 20th Anniversary Bayliss Edition. Now guys this bike’s amazing I’m really excited to be running you through it today now we originally purchased this bike for $27,500 but we spent over twenty thousand dollars on extras. Unlike the standard V2 Panigale, this is about three and a half thousand dollars more expensive from Factory but you do get a few cheeky extras which I will be running you through very shortly.

Now as I said we’ve spent heaps of money on this thing and we’re going to start from the front end and work our way through the back and show you guys absolutely everything that we have done now first of all we removed the big mirrors that were hanging off the side and we’ve replaced them with our custom LED side mirrors. Moving down to the front of the bike we’ve got our carbon fiber front hugger and mud guard, these are the first of our carbon pieces that just absolutely scatter the bike. You can see the fully carbon front hugger mud guard there, then also little things you might not have noticed We’ve also got the red anodised brake spacers then up the front here we’ve got the oil reservoir for the clutch and also the brake master which we’ve have in red anodised as wel. There’s lots of little carbon editions we’ve added all over the bike such as the heel guards.

Here the rear swing arm and the hugger mud guard at the back as well but of course we’ve got some big things which we’re really excited to show you guys as well which we don’t see too often on these type of bikes, but we think it adds a lot of value to it. We’ve got the fully titanium Akrapovic V2 exhaust system and just on either end of the bike here you can see these fully carbon fiber BST Racing rims which we’ve imported directly from South Africa.

Something that I am a huge fan of as well and I really enjoyed seeing being put on the bike is the Evotech tail tidy which just gives this bike an overall really nice aesthetic view. One of my absolute favourite pieces on this bike which makes it a real standout for me is the clear clutch cover.

So you’re probably wondering what’s different out of the standard V2 and the Bayliss Edition V2 Panigale? Well I’m going to start with the battery, this model here has a lithium battery which saves you about six pounds or just over two kilograms in weight. Something I did miss before in the modification list and we will add here, but the standard V2 Panigale does not come with Öhlins suspension like this one does here. On the front and the rear, the Öhlins suspension is fully adjustable manually, you can see the easy to access clickers on the rear suspension here as well.

The V2 Bayliss Edition is powered by a 955cc Superquadro V-twin engine the fuel injection system has two injectors one above the throttle body and one below to optimize its power output. Of course the major difference for three and a half thousand dollars is the colour scheme of this V2 Bayliss Edition. The tri-colours are quite amazing, I’m not too sure how I feel about it personally as I do love the uniqueness, it means of course everyone will know that you’ve got the Bayliss Edition motorcycle, but I do love a classic red Ducati.

Now this Ducati, being in Bayliss Edition, was already pretty special but we thought we’d make it a little bit more unique by adding all the modifications we just ran through. Unfortunately I can’t give you a direct review on how it handles and rides, and that’s because this bike is unridden and the reason for that is because here at Eminent Australia every month we give away something to change someone’s life and this month our amazing promotion is this Ducati which we’ve spent thousands and thousands on.

Now as promised we’re going to show you exactly what this Ducati sounds like with the V2 Akrapovic racing exhaust now we’re going to show you a cold start but then we’re going to let it warm up properly to show you exactly what this thing sounds like under Rev (watch the YouTube review video to listen).

Now that’s all for today, thank you for tuning in.

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