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naturally aspirated Suzuki Jimny

The Suzuki Jimny 2022 model is a four-wheel drive we’ve been wanting to get our hands on for a long time due to its affordability, and the broad selection of aftermarket modifications and accessories available for this high demand light SUV. The options in modification means that we were able to indulge in tailoring this vehicle to suit our usage needs and the unique look we were seeking for this little head turner, that is now setup to rival many of the big boy 4WD we pass on the road, not to mention off the beaten track. This custom Jimny has been built to handle the toughest of terrains with extensive under body suspension changes, and our maiden offroad voyage, albeit for a photo shoot, had our Founder Jack, describing the handling and drive of the Jimny ‘like a little mountain goat’ as it motored up mountainous terrains with confidence and handled uneven ground, and rugged creek beds like it was born for it.

Winding back, our first challenge was getting our hands on a new Suzuki Jimny for sale, with backorders on Japan’s production line and high demand in Australia with limited availability driving up the Suzuki Jimny price, it was sheer luck (or shall we say fate) that brought this 2022 Supreme White Suzuki Jimny into our ownership through a connection with Anthony at Oz Jimny. From the factory our Jimny has been upgraded with genuine illumination to the door panels, floor and glovebox, arm rests, plus upgraded 13cm front and rear speakers. We’ve had all the bumpers, fenders, and side moulding painted gloss black, as well as the darkest legal window tint fitted to really contrast to the supreme white finish and give off a clean, polished look to our small but mighty four-wheel drive.

Getting the suspension and wheels upgraded was top priority for us, to set this Jimny up to tackle weekend offroad adventures that we’d hope its future owner will be frequenting. We sought the advice and experience of to ensure the best setup choices were made, and that all upgrades were mutually compatible and complementary. Carbon Offroad RR2.0 Remote Reservoir Monotube Shock Absorbers were fitted with the H&R Suspension 40mm Lift Sport Springs to deliver superb ride quality and stable, and reliable control when taking on any rough Australian outback or sandy beach tracks.

HARDRACE radius arms designed for Jimny with 2″ suspension lift were installed. These arm feature built-in caster increase to maintain factory alignment setting, allowing greater axle movement and handling performance after suspension lifts such as ours. The addition of Tough Dog Cross-Member Drop Kit, ABS relocation, and braided Brake Lines were needed to finish off the increased lift of these mods.

Whether you’re a hardcore Suzuki Jimny lover, or a four-wheel drive enthusiast, or just an admirer of well setup and modified vehicles, it’s fair to say this Custom Suzuki Jimny has something to pique the interest of all who come across it.

We like a prestigious build at Eminent Australia, and often it can be the small things that truly set us apart in everything we do, not only with our car mods, but also in business and life. With the suspension enhancements changing the headlight beam to point upwards, it was a no brainer that we needed to avoid unnecessary potential road rage from drivers in front of us on the road, so we’ve also installed the HARDRACE Headlight Leveling Bracket and Tough Dog Module Bracket for optimal finish to our Jimny suspension enhancements.

We fitted the H&R Suspension 30mmm Front Sway Bar to support the chassis and improve our vehicle’s lateral stability and cornering grip, while reducing body roll as we mount uneven ground and craggy rocks. This sway bar has been cold-formed and heat-treated with forged seamless bar ends, as well as 100% German made, which gives us peace of mind that product resilience and durability come with this best quality enhancement.

A set of EVO CORSE DakarZero 16×7″ Gloss Black Alloy Wheels have been added, wrapped in Bridgestone all terrain tyres make up the Jimny wheels setup. The combination of professional motorsport grade wheels from the brand synonymous with the Paris to Dakar Rally combined with tough all terrain tyres designed for Australia’s harshest outback conditions delivers increased structural strength, lighter construction, with reduced fatigue and ultimate durability for the offroad fun we have in mind for this Jimny.

The fuel tank capacity of this Suzuki Jimny has been doubled with the addition to The Long Ranger 80 Litre Long Range Fuel Tank. This hand manufactured modification made from 2mm aluminised steel is locally manufactured in New South Wales and includes unique internal baffling to retain fuel around the pickup for improved low fuel performance as wells as a safety bulge on the filler neck and fast fill breather to aid in quick filling, to keep us going longer between refuelling stops, as this Jimny tours our big country.

Now for the performance side of things, this Jimny has been enhanced with the addition of an under bonnet AFE Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System. This well finished complete kit includes seven inches of five layer 360-degree radial high flow air filter to deliver the largest amount of high-flowing air to this Jimny’s naturally aspirated engine. It seems they’ve thought of everything at AFE, including a clear sight window which allows for hassle-free filter inspection, without having to disassemble the system.

For the exhaust, a LEGENDEX High-Performance 2.5” Catback Exhaust System has been paired with the newly created LEGENDEX Performance Exhaust Manifold. This 2.5” stainless steel high flow system has significantly greater flow volume than the stock pipework and achieves better throttle response with greater towing and offroad capabilities. Pairing the cat back system with an upgraded exhaust manifold, which is a first of its kind from LEGENDEX, as well as the cold air intake, and of course re-mapping the factory ECU to suit has greatly enhanced the power and torque of the Jimny, still in naturally aspirated setup. This very Jimny is the first of its kind to receive the Naturally Aspirated Tune by Oz Jimny, and is the first custom dyno tuned naturally aspirated Jimny to be tuned via the factory ECU locally in Australia.

Moving to the exterior of the Suzuki Jimny accessories, a Front Runner Slimline II ¾ Size Jimny Roof Rack has been fitted to the canopy, along with ladder (not pictured) so this mighty four-wheel drive can be loaded up with plenty of gear for weekend trail adventures. A set of Mini MAXTRAX (not pictured) to help get out of any potential extraction and recovery situations we may experience on future adventures, are also mounted on the racks. BEI HOUSE Rated Recovery Points in anodised Red colour have been installed on all four corners, front and rear. These lightweight recovery points have the highest capacity, optimal load paths making them the safest for the Jimny and means this vehicle is further setup to get out of many a tricky situation.

An IPF forty inch LED light bar has been mounted across the Jimny windscreen to deliver impressive beam range and incredible brightness for any twilight escapades this Jimny may take on. With the dimming functions, including Daytime Running Light mode, all conditions are covered. Combined with the IPF 950 Super Rally Series LED dual Lights mounted in front of the front grille which incorporate a unique mix of LED reflector technology and an Optical Hybrid Projection system to create a crisp white light that provides wide and long-range light in one.

Whether you’re a hardcore Suzuki Jimny lover, or a four-wheel drive enthusiast, or just an admirer of well setup and modified vehicles, it’s fair to say this Custom Suzuki Jimny has something to pique the interest of all who come across it. I mean simply having the opportunity to do this in-depth Suzuki Jimny review, has me falling in love with this small but mighty fun machine! In fact, for some owning a vehicle like this would be their dream come true.

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